Saturday, October 30, 2010

Oh Dear.

Reason #1 Why I am going to be a terrible mom:

I open the fridge, pour a glass of milk, shut the fridge, and sit down on the couch.

A few minutes later I hear meowing.
This is normal, so I ignore it. A few more minutes pass and the meowing persists.
I realize that the meows seem muffled.
And then it hits me....
I shut the kitten in the fridge. Oh dear. She must have jumped in and I didn't realize it, but it worries me to think of what I will be oblivious to with my human kids.

Reason #1 Why I am going to be a great mom:

I am currently eating apple slices that the kitten is licking off of. Oh dear. I am just putting more peanut butter on the slices that I know she has been licking to make myself feel like I'm negating the cat spit.

Reason Why This Post Has Been Brought About:

I dreamed last night that I was pregnant and woke up crying. Oh dear. At the end of the dream I was explaining and bawling to Dr. Harper (one of the Marriage and Family Therapy bigwigs) why I wouldn't be able to go to graduate school anymore because I would have a newborn baby and I would have to wait until the baby went to kindergarten to attend. Oh sad. Babies are not on my to do list at the moment.


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  1. I don't what I love more...that you shut your kitty in the fridge, or had a dream with Dr. Harper in it. Regardless, I think that you are amazing and I adore you!