Sunday, January 16, 2011

Pizza, Marshmallows, and Cheesecake

just bought myself a perfect present from Victoria's Secret. No, it's not lingerie, just a pair of wonderful pants that I have been wanting for over year now. I LOVE CLEARANCE.

Had a fun night with friends last night eating pizza, drinking Dr. Pepper, and watching Despicable Me and Dinner for Schmucks (both hilarious movies)

Kona has a new obsession with marshmallows. Mini or full size, she will find them on the shelf and eat them. Naughty cat.

I love Ed, but I have to set the record straight: I have a better memory than him, thank you very much :)

Thats all. Going to church soon and then to my brother's house in Heber!

Happy Martin Luther King Jr. day tomorrow, we will be celebrating at the Cheesecake Factory, our special place.

One more thing, happy birthday to literally the best mother-in-law anyone could ask for, Karen Christenson. If I were to strive to be just like anyone, it would be her.

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