Wednesday, June 22, 2011


Alright, let me just babble for a second....

-I have a pinterest. Check it out.
-my house is a total mess
-my sister is in AFRICA...jealousy!
-So You Think You Can Dance is my favorite show
-does anyone know when Project Runway starts?
-also the Bachelorette is just too entertaining to not watch (JP is my favorite!) and Aimes, gotta love Aimes
-I signed up for the GRE...kill me now
-I am once again pale as a ghost
-I have been going to RIPPED and abs twice a week, running, and just started semi-dancing again in hopes of producing an acceptable body image. Now I just need to change my diet and not get two boxes of Krispy Kreme doughnuts for Father's day. oops.
-Can I just say I am married to an amazing man? Sometimes I wish I could be better for him, like more wifey. (definition of wifey=cooks, cleans, wants babies, bakes bread, showers every day) So anyway, Ed and I were driving last week and we were talking about some girl and I said she's a good wife. Ed was like, "What do you mean?". I explained that she does all the wifey things and he said, "I'd rather have a wife like you who I can have fun with and actually talk to than a wifey wife." Now, this seems like Duh, but it feels so good to hear it. You know how there's always an ideal you in your mind and then there's the real you that's always slightly less amazing? Well, my ideal me is MUCH different than the real me and when I hear my husband say that he likes the real me better than the ideal me, it makes my heart sing with gratitude for what a catch I have for a husband. He brings me back to earth and lets me know he likes my curves, that the few dinners I can make taste good, and he thanks me when I do the dishes instead of just expecting it. Of course I don't believe some of the things he says (because even if he's satisfied with me, it doesn't always mean I am), BUT it definitely helps me to not get down on myself as much as I probably would. I don't know what I would do without Ed. He helps me appreciate the little things I have in life and forces me to stay positive. Even when I resist his optimism, it still has an effect on me and my outlook on life. Anyway, that was a long novel basically saying I LOVE ED.

I've run out of things to say now so I'll just shut up. Tonight was fun though with Ed. We really are two peas in a pod and he is adorably sleeping next to me with Kona in his arms like a baby. I might just have to take a picture of this. Goodnight, sleep tight, I'm sleepin' in tomorrow!!

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  1. I know exactly what your saying about the real you and the ideal you. Good for Ed for being kind and telling the truth -- your real you is pure awesome.

    I am having similar thoughts and feelings lately, I wish I could speed up the process of change sometimes. I have this image of what I want to be... and I know I can get there, but sometimes the time it takes is depressing. But on the other hand, I would hate for that time to speed by because there is so much fun to be had.