Monday, April 19, 2010


well, this would have been a really good day with nothing to do but take one final, but my body had something else in mind. It's called puke.
Yes, I have been throwing up since 2:30 last night when I woke up because I was having a dream about guacamole being so revolting I felt like throwing up (which is really weird because it's one of my favorite foods). Anyway, since then I have thrown up at least twice every hour until about 8:00 but there is literally nothing left in my stomach and I refuse to eat anything. I would throw up, get back in bed, drink some water, and without fail one hour later wake up and go straight to the toilet.
*take note: this is very odd behavior for me....I haven't thrown up since I got my tonsuls out in 6th grade!
Anyway, I am feeling a little better, but thats only because I just threw up again and I am trying my best to just study and think about something else right now.
I'm sorry if that was really gross and NO, I am NOT pregnant. I think it is food poisoning or something. All I know, is I want to be my normal self again, one that eats and sleeps and doesn't almost choke to death every time I enter the bathroom.
Have a nice day everyone, I will try to also.
I must say though, Ed is a very good husband. He feels so terrible for me and even cleaned up my messes. Yeah, that's devotion.


  1. Woman I know how you feel I woke up last night around 150 and have been throwing up since well it has stopped but i feel so sick and I am prego but it is not a prego things I dont know what I ate but it has just owned my body!

  2. Sorry you were sick Amanda. :( But you definitely got your tonsils out in the 8th grade. I feel weirdly obsessed with you for knowing that. Anyway, I hope you feel better! :)