Saturday, April 10, 2010

My Favorite Friend.

I miss a special someone in my life. Her name is Janie Ragan.
She looks like this:

Yes, she is gorgeous.
She dresses like this every day:

Okay, not really.

But she is my best friend like this:

Who would I be today without Janie? I do not want to know, she really is the greatest friend I have ever had. Good luck at your show tonight Jane, wish I could be there! Oh well, I would probably cry if I watched you dance anyway :)

I love you my dear.


  1. i miss janie. I miss you guys together. remember that summer when janie basically lived here? ya i miss that.

    p.s. i still havent made it onto your basically i dont even exist yet, but whatever i see how it is. haha jk....but really haha

  2. this is tess, if you didnt guess.