Tuesday, March 29, 2011

right now

stressed about a summer job
really really really love some friends right now (melanie, this is your shout out)
kinda don't like a few friends right now (none read this, don't worry, it's not you)
test this week? why am I just finding this out?
wish I was a supermodel
Kona is in heat again?
loving Parenthood right now
want to go to GA in May
need a haircut
why did I faint the other day? still baffled
miss my sister
someone broke my couch this weekend, but it's fine
is it really almost April? my life is going way too fast, but at the same time, winter couldn't be going any slower here in Utah
okay done. no more thoughts. a summer job would make me happy right now, but over-easy eggs and my purring kitty cat will have to do for now.


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  2. Hang in there, Amanda. Everyone has those days. If you ever get the hankering to sell DISH, give me a holler.