Thursday, March 17, 2011

Negative Nancy

Welp, I'm grumpy. Today was just one of those days, so blah. So stressful. I began and ended a full on research paper on dissociative identity disorder, hooray. I know everything there is to know about it so if you think you have it (which I'm sure you don't), I'm an expert (not really). I volunteered at the hospital and that went well: played some ping pong, speed, and colored shamrock pictures. Didn't wear green, not on purpose or anything, just didn't feel like it. Watched Les Mis on tv which was amazing, but I was writing the paper during it so I was mostly just annoyed that I couldn't really watch it. Watched BYU basketball dominate and missed my boy Brandon on the court, but luckily they showed him a couple times sitting on the side. It's okay, I'm really into Abouo now anyway. Kona ate glue today that Ed was using on his bike stuff that says "IF INGESTED, PLEASE SEEK IMMEDIATE MEDICAL HELP" (and that's for a human). crap. She's still alive though, so hopefully she stays that way? I just went to the store to buy Gatorade for Ed and Almond Joys for me to eat on the 9 hour ride to Arizona. I still have to shower, blowdry, and straighten my hair and I'm getting up at 5 am. Ugh! You know what I mean? This day is so BLAH! Oh well. To be honest, I'm not very hopeful that this weekend will be so great either (I know I sound depressing, but sometimes I just am). Long story short, Ed has a race on Saturday in Arizona it's like the Regional Collegiate thing that leads to Nationals so it's a big deal to him and I want to see him race, BUT we have to travel in 12 person vans with the BYU trialthon club. It's just annoying because 1. they are tools and all they will talk about is triathlon which I have heard enough of, 2. we have to stick to their schedule, all 38 of them, 3. instead of leaving after the race we aren't leaving until after church on Sunday so we won't be back until late Sunday night and I have another paper due Monday that I haven't started. I'm done listing reasons, there are more, but I don't feel like it.

On a lighter note:
I milked a cow
Tess got into BYU
My birthday is really soon
My friend told me yesterday that I would be perfect on a season of the real housewives. It could be taken as a compliment or a major dis, but I'm taking it as the former because Ed and I LOVE the real housewives and no matter how dumb and petty they are, they are all divas.
Happy Saint Patrick's Day

I'm off to wallow. Goodnight.


  1. definitely a compliment! haha, i freaking love you lamanda.

  2. I'm so jealous-- I want to milk a cow! haha well, now that I think about it, I'm not sure.