Saturday, February 26, 2011

hoping today is better than thursday

Monday, success
holiday, homework
target trip = two $3 shirts on clearance
Tuesday, success
night class was canceled
made baked mac & cheese for dinner, three cheeses, delicious!
Wednesday, success
finished my block class, yes!
Mcdonalds fries and pies for dinner
Thursday, FAIL
saw a black and white kitten on BYU campus and thought it was Kona = major freak out. left early from work to get the state hospital, forgot keys, climbed through the window that is not even a foot wide, got stuck with lower half of my body in the house and upper half out, contemplated screaming for help to the students walking to school, dropped into the basement scraping my entire right side. surprised I didn't cry. got ready to leave with minutes to spare and can't find keys to drive there. then I do cry. call ed, keys are in his church pants pocket hanging in the closet (me screaming as I leave, late). clean house, watch the bachelor, go to sleep.
Friday, success
I was warned by my friend, "I don't mean to alarm you Amanda, but there is a herd of unicorns on your shirt" haha made me laugh (one of my favorite shirts)
Ed won his basketball game 56 to 30
watched the movie "Get Low", made me cry.
Saturday, undecided
took a practice GRE exam, probably failed but I've got time
salt lake tonight, the gateway, mongolian bbq, neices and nephews

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