Saturday, October 30, 2010

Oh Dear.

Reason #1 Why I am going to be a terrible mom:

I open the fridge, pour a glass of milk, shut the fridge, and sit down on the couch.

A few minutes later I hear meowing.
This is normal, so I ignore it. A few more minutes pass and the meowing persists.
I realize that the meows seem muffled.
And then it hits me....
I shut the kitten in the fridge. Oh dear. She must have jumped in and I didn't realize it, but it worries me to think of what I will be oblivious to with my human kids.

Reason #1 Why I am going to be a great mom:

I am currently eating apple slices that the kitten is licking off of. Oh dear. I am just putting more peanut butter on the slices that I know she has been licking to make myself feel like I'm negating the cat spit.

Reason Why This Post Has Been Brought About:

I dreamed last night that I was pregnant and woke up crying. Oh dear. At the end of the dream I was explaining and bawling to Dr. Harper (one of the Marriage and Family Therapy bigwigs) why I wouldn't be able to go to graduate school anymore because I would have a newborn baby and I would have to wait until the baby went to kindergarten to attend. Oh sad. Babies are not on my to do list at the moment.


Wednesday, October 6, 2010

Feeling Good.

I have a hilarious husband who cleans and cooks and does laundry and makes me realize how terrible I am at all those things but makes me want to be better at them. He is outshining me in all aspects of school, but that's fine. The other day he got home while I was on the phone with my mom and said that he had just gotten a 92% on his Anatomy midterm and I told my mom, "He's just too smart". My mom replied, "Of all people Amanda, your husband can never be too smart". She's right...he's perfectly smart. And perfectly wonderful. I also have a kitten. And what is better than that? She took a nap with me today and cuddles with me constantly. I'm listening to really good music and just feeling content. I'm LOADED with schoolwork, but at the moment I really just don't care. I just ate death by chocolate ice cream which was divine and I'm now ready to go to bed. I will shower in the morning and it will be a new day filled with frustrations I'm sure, but right now I feel so happy, like I can conquer anything. General Conference was great. Elder Packer is inspired and I'm babbling, but I like it. The weekend should be fun and it's finally fall. This means one thing: pumpkin flavored baked goods. Namely, pumpkin pie, but basically anything pumpkin inspired is on my top foods list. I like to hear Ed baby talk to the kitten (he's doing it right now) and it's cute. I have a lot of goals, I always do, but this time I want to make them happen. I'm still babbling, but Parenthood is currently rising to the top of my favorite shows list. Not only because it draws me in, but the morals that it teaches are so good; it's clean and uplifting, but still dramatic and touching. I love Tim Gunn, bless his heart. I'm feeling really close to some of my friends from work. Really, they are amazing people. I'm getting straight across bangs. Yeah, I'm scared but I just know I'll always wonder how it would look. I know that it's the new fad and everything, but I really don't care, I want them because I want them and so I'll get them. I guess I should stop babbling now. To sum it up though, I'm happy, content, in love, and smiling. Nighty Night.