Tuesday, December 31, 2013

2013 !@#*%^!#*

2013 has been my hardest year yet, and I never want to forget what I did. In 2013, I...

Completed almost 500 hours of therapy with individuals, couples, and families
Felt the magic of Disney World
Showed my true lack of navigation skills when I made us miss our flight out of Orlando 
Rode a horse bareback
Learned more about myself than ever before; the good and the less good
Proposed a thesis 
Thought about getting a PHD and quickly dismissed that crazy idea
Stressed, I keep saying this two year program has taken at least 5 years off my life
Loved on my cats and still let Pearl suck on my ears at night
Went to a cabin with my best friends and played murder in the dark for hours 
Also drove a four wheeler over awesome mud puddles and felt really adventurous
Wrote a paper and submitted it for publication to get my scholarship
Relied heavily on my best friends (my cohort) and my husband
Got depressed for a while at the end of summer
Became baby hungry for the first time
Discovered Swig cookies
Ran more miles than ever
Deliberately lost weight (more to work on for 2014)
Said goodbye to my sister for 1.5 years
Cussed with clients and cried with clients
Got 9 cavities filled
Went to the Atlanta temple and Orlando temple
Did the vegetarian thing for a month
Idolized a few of my professors
Ate a penis shaped doughnut at Vudoo Doughnuts in Portland
Listened to a lot of Tegan and Sara, Elvis, Eminem, and Mariah Carey
Binge watched TV with Ed
Took Ed's spin class (he's the best teacher there is)
Got some clients really mad
Helped some clients get really happy
Developed a love for doing puzzles with Ed 
Took my first ballet class in 4 years
BYU football games
Watched "The Man With the 150 Pound Scrotum" with my mother-in-law and laughed our heads off
Cried silent tears, public tears, ugly cried, held back tears, ALL THE TEARS 
Learned to "be still" 
Felt really inadequate and honored to be so many people's therapist 
Strengthened my testimony of God's love for me and all his children tenfold

Thank you, 2013 for making my life Hell on Earth some of the time so that I could grow. The only title appropriate for this post was the F word in all caps, but I knew I would offend too many people. It was really hard a lot of the time, but I also experienced some of the most special moments that will stay in my heart forever. My friends are the best I've ever had and I know they are the friends I will have for life. I realized how absolutely lucky I am to have Ed as my sweetheart and saw him do great things this year as well. It's always better looking back, so now that it's over, I can say 2013 was rewarding and worth it. I'm usually really nostalgic and never want the year to change, but hey, I hate 3's, love 4's, and I'm ready for a new theme aside from the F word! Bring on 2014!