Tuesday, December 21, 2010

Christmas and Memories

Christmas is upon us! It really has come fast this year, if someone told me it was October right now, I'd believe them. Really, time passes way too fast for me. Ed and I have had so much fun this week and we will be in Georgia tomorrow!
I've got some thoughts though.
Last night, Ed and I watched a movie on Netflix. It's called "Eternal Sunshine of the Spottless Mind". It stars Jim Carrey, Kate Winslet, Mark Ruffalo, and Kirsten Dunst. It was amazing. Everyone should watch it. Basically it goes through a couple's relationship of how they met and fell in love. Of course there are arguments and annoyances in their relationship, but they love each other. After a fight, the girl impulsively goes to a doctor who can erase her memory of a person. The boy does the same because he is so hurt by her decision. While going through the process, he realizes this was a terrible decision. He loves her and wants to reconnect with her, but knows that he will not know who she is when it's all over. As it goes through all of their memories of fights and also of love you are really rooting for them and hoping the procedure won't work. It's terrible to think that they will never remember each other. Sadly, their memories are erased, but they meet again (this meeting was shown at the beginning and you think it's their first, but really it's just the first after their memory wipe). They really like each other but then they are mailed tapes of them explaining why they are erasing their memory of the other. These tapes were never supposed to get out, but an angry patient sent them. They realize their history and that they had once loved each other, but they are both hurt by the things said about them on the tapes. In the end though, they decide to be together. I just explained it horribly, but it was so great. Two strangers (who aren't really strangers) deciding to still be together even after hearing everything that the other doesn't like about them and knowing that it will be hard and there will be fights. But on the other hand, that their relationship was fulfilling and happy. It really spoke to me. No relationship is perfect, none. But to think of erasing my memory of anyone close to me is just terrible. I am so thankful for all of my memories and have grown and learned from them. Watch this movie


Wednesday, December 15, 2010

Done and Proud and Excited

So, I'm making a version of this Dolce & Gabbana dress over Christmas break with my momma. I figure if I write this on the blog, I am required to follow through since I told the internet that I would, so you can count on it now.

And I want this. too bad it's sold out.

Oh, and I'm done with finals and let me just brag for a bit...I ROCKED.
Oh, and one more thing...It's freaking Christmas break.
I should write more, but I have nothing on my mind except getting to the best place on earth, my house in GA. Words can not explain how much I love that house, I keep telling my parents that I'm going to buy it from them when they get old or move because I can't stand the thought of anyone else living in it. Not only is it a wonderful house, but it just happens to be in the also wonderful city of Marietta. Sometimes I just miss home so much. It will be nice to be back after almost a year and a half. I can't wait to see everyone.

Sunday, November 28, 2010


It's been a long while since I've posted considering my last post said "Happy Halloween".
And look now, Thanksgiving has already come and gone and I didn't even take the chance to do a gushy post stating everything that I am thankful for.
It's too bad really, because I am thankful for a lot of things.
I guess I could still do one, there's no rule saying I can only do that on Thanksgiving,
but I'm just not feeling it anymore. Oh well.
Anyway, I'm still alive.
Still happy.
Still going along with my life.
I will do a real post later on this week when school settles down.
I have a lot of thoughts, just haven't had time to write them down.

Saturday, October 30, 2010

Oh Dear.

Reason #1 Why I am going to be a terrible mom:

I open the fridge, pour a glass of milk, shut the fridge, and sit down on the couch.

A few minutes later I hear meowing.
This is normal, so I ignore it. A few more minutes pass and the meowing persists.
I realize that the meows seem muffled.
And then it hits me....
I shut the kitten in the fridge. Oh dear. She must have jumped in and I didn't realize it, but it worries me to think of what I will be oblivious to with my human kids.

Reason #1 Why I am going to be a great mom:

I am currently eating apple slices that the kitten is licking off of. Oh dear. I am just putting more peanut butter on the slices that I know she has been licking to make myself feel like I'm negating the cat spit.

Reason Why This Post Has Been Brought About:

I dreamed last night that I was pregnant and woke up crying. Oh dear. At the end of the dream I was explaining and bawling to Dr. Harper (one of the Marriage and Family Therapy bigwigs) why I wouldn't be able to go to graduate school anymore because I would have a newborn baby and I would have to wait until the baby went to kindergarten to attend. Oh sad. Babies are not on my to do list at the moment.


Wednesday, October 6, 2010

Feeling Good.

I have a hilarious husband who cleans and cooks and does laundry and makes me realize how terrible I am at all those things but makes me want to be better at them. He is outshining me in all aspects of school, but that's fine. The other day he got home while I was on the phone with my mom and said that he had just gotten a 92% on his Anatomy midterm and I told my mom, "He's just too smart". My mom replied, "Of all people Amanda, your husband can never be too smart". She's right...he's perfectly smart. And perfectly wonderful. I also have a kitten. And what is better than that? She took a nap with me today and cuddles with me constantly. I'm listening to really good music and just feeling content. I'm LOADED with schoolwork, but at the moment I really just don't care. I just ate death by chocolate ice cream which was divine and I'm now ready to go to bed. I will shower in the morning and it will be a new day filled with frustrations I'm sure, but right now I feel so happy, like I can conquer anything. General Conference was great. Elder Packer is inspired and I'm babbling, but I like it. The weekend should be fun and it's finally fall. This means one thing: pumpkin flavored baked goods. Namely, pumpkin pie, but basically anything pumpkin inspired is on my top foods list. I like to hear Ed baby talk to the kitten (he's doing it right now) and it's cute. I have a lot of goals, I always do, but this time I want to make them happen. I'm still babbling, but Parenthood is currently rising to the top of my favorite shows list. Not only because it draws me in, but the morals that it teaches are so good; it's clean and uplifting, but still dramatic and touching. I love Tim Gunn, bless his heart. I'm feeling really close to some of my friends from work. Really, they are amazing people. I'm getting straight across bangs. Yeah, I'm scared but I just know I'll always wonder how it would look. I know that it's the new fad and everything, but I really don't care, I want them because I want them and so I'll get them. I guess I should stop babbling now. To sum it up though, I'm happy, content, in love, and smiling. Nighty Night.

Monday, September 27, 2010

Meow Meow Meow Meow

Meet our new addition to the family
Long story short, my grandpa who lives in Spanish
Fork called Thursday and said that someone had dropped off and abandoned 7 kittens in his field and asked if we wanted one. I said yes so he picked the cutest one and sent the rest to the animal shelter. And let me say, he picked the perfect one. I am smiling ear to ear writing this because I am just so happy with her! She goes through cycles throughout the day: extra hyper, jumping, pouncing, attacking and playing with anything and everything (sometimes just the air around her) followed by a crash which involves her cuddling up to us and sleeping. The minute we brought her home she went potty in the litter box. Also, she has already taught herself to climb up anything, she will even try to climb up our bare legs which kind of hurts, but we let her try. She barely cries when we go to bed, and she is downright ADORABLE! We named her Kona because as you may know, Ed is a trithlete who aspires to one day go to the Ironman World Championships held in Kona, Hawaii. But that's not it....she has a black spot on her back that looks exactly like the Ironman symbol! I will post pictures of it later. When we saw it, we just had to name her Kona! Anyone who lives close is welcome to come over anytime to play with her, she would love it. Welcome to the Christenson family, Kona, we couldn't love you more.

Tuesday, September 7, 2010

A Bug Connoisseur

Things that will get me through this semester:

1. Love notes from Ed in my lunch on the days that he knows I'm stressed out.

2. My shows that start in the fall: Parenthood, Glee, and House to name a few.
Looking forward to finally getting back to Georgia for Christmas.

3. Thinking of buying a kitten? maybe just maybe :) I know that I have said I hate cats my whole life, but they are really starting to grow on me. Ed and I feel the need for a new friend....in the animal form.

4. CREAMIES! This is a box of 24 with only one left.....we have had this box for a week and a half, that's scary. We do need to cut back to one creamie per day, but we will definitely be buying more of these boxes.

5. Awesome friends: Janie and Sam sent me about 20 pictures that they took all around GA with a mini-me that they made. It was so hilarious, I was dying laughing when I got it. They went to my house, the ballet studio, my high school, the place where I had my bridal shower, Berry college, and took pictures with all of their dogs that I dearly miss. Here are two of my favorites. It's nice to know they haven't forgotten about me. This first one is pretty creepy.

6. And lastly, my sister and parents come to Utah in a week and a half which makes me very very happy.

Thursday, August 26, 2010

Something New

last week Ed had to do something for work up near this mall that I have been wanting to go to for a while (I don't even know what it's called sadly) but he offered to take me and let me shop for a few hours while he did his work thing. I gladly accepted the invitation knowing that there was a huge Forever 21 there and that I was in dire need of some basic clothing that I didn't want to spend a lot of money on. On the way there, he was telling me about a conversation he had at his other job that day about jeggings:

Ed: blah, blah, blah....jeggings.
Me: What the heck did you just say? What is that?
Ed: It's those really tight leggings that look like jeans.
Me: Oh my gosh I HATE those! You know, "soandso" always wears those and I think they look so stupid! I seriously hate them, she tries to be so stylish but it just looks dumb!
Ed: Yeah, she would.

Alright, now fast-forward two hours when Ed picked me up from the mall.

Ed: So what did you get?
Me: Eh, I spent $** dollars, is that okay?
Ed: Yeah, that's fine but what did you get?
Me: Ehhhhh....(really stuttering) I think, umm well, I think maybe, I'm not sure, but I might have bought jeggings.
Ed: (silence...............dying laughing) LET ME SEE!
I show him
Ed: Yep! Those are jeggings!

And so, here I am with jeggings now. But let me just explain my mistake and my new change of heart. In a nutshell, I saw some skinny jeans (or what I thought were skinny jeans) for only $14 and I tried them on. They were pretty tight but since I don't currently own any real skinny jeans, I figured skinny jeans are supposed to be tight. They had a zipper and pockets but I slightly suspected they might be jeggings because they were so stretchy. Nevertheless, I bought them because they were cheap and I was pleasantly surprised that they looked slightly good on me. I have worn them once, and I must say that I have nothing against them now. They are ten times more comfortable then jeans and make my butt look somewhat smaller! I am now publicly apologizing for making fun of anyone who has worn jeggings and will proudly wear mine from this day forward. Granted, I probably won't ever buy another pair, but if people want to wear them, I will support their decision. And look how cute Katrina Bowden from 30 Rock looks in them?

Saturday, August 21, 2010

Fess Up to Facebook!

Alright, a little pet peeve has been stirring inside me: What is with the people who say they don't like Facebook, but then they are on it all the time?? Just admit it people, if you are getting on it that much, you obviously don't hate it! I have heard several times, "Oh, I only get on facebook so I can look at pictures" or,"I just get on facebook because my friends would be annoyed if I didn't have one"......what? That is not true! (this is all my opinion by the way). Face it, you like putting up pictures because you like getting comments on how good you look or how awesome your life is. You like updating your status so you can brag about what ever you're doing that day or you want sympathy from someone out there in this world. And finally, half the reason you write on other people's walls is so they will write on your wall in return and so you can avoid having to call or text them! I, Amanda am not afraid to admit that I am a culprit of all of these things. I openly embrace the greatness of facebook and the opportunities that it gives me to freely and secretly stalk people I don't really know, reconnect with friends, and brag about my life. Bahahaha okay now I'm just laughing. Sorry if this sounded a little ridiculous, but am I the only one annoyed by this?? By the way though, I am not like a freakish advocate for facebook, I just want people to be honest with themselves and with others. Like, when did it become not cool to actually like facebook even though we are all on it every single day? Okay, I'll stop. Like it, but don't like it too much....that's what I'm trying to say.
and this is just a really funny picture because there were no good ones of facebook :)

Something Wonderful

I love,
with every bit of my heart,
Classical Ballet.
(and I have an addiction to youtube because of it)
also, Degas is amazing.
I would love this painting to be framed and placed on my wall.

Wednesday, August 18, 2010

Catching up...

I feel like my posts are getting a little gushy lately so I will try to stay fairly neutral today. However, I do like the gushy ones every once in a while

A lot has happened lately and I'm glad. I has been a fun couple of weeks and now we are just waiting and dreading for school to start. We went to the Spudman! For those who don't know, Ed is an amazing triathlete. For real, he is good (and that's all the bragging I will do, but believe me). His favorite triathlon is the Spudman because it is in his hometown of Burley, Idaho. This year there were about 2015 competitors and Ed got FOURTH! He placed second last year right behind his also amazing brother but I'm pretty sure that getting married damaged his training schedule tremendously compared to last year. Oh well, he did awesome and I was so proud of him. Not to mention, we made shirts and surprised him! Also, the Spudman just happened to land on our 1 year anniversary! After the race, we drove to Salt Lake and stayed in the Hilton in downtown. We also went to Cheesecake Factory which is both of our favorite restaurant. It was divine! When we got home there were two cheesecakes in our room from the girl at the front desk who we told it was our anniversary. It was so sweet of her. Anyway, that was that weekend.
In other news, I am done with the ice cream job! I made the BYU Creamery ice cream for a full year and I am happy to say that I have worked my last day there. I did love the job at times and I especially LOVED the people who I will dearly miss, but the job itself was just a little to rough for me. Let's face it, I'm prissy. Also, Ed's parents are leaving on their LDS mission to Houston, Texas and we are so happy for them, but goodness we will miss them. Did I say that I have THE BEST in-laws anyone could have? It has been really great to see so much of Ed's family this year. Hm, we are probably going to the zoo this weekend which I am so excited for. My sister Tess got her senior pictures taken and can I just say that I have THE most gorgeous sister in the world!I told you, she's a bombshell. The boys better watch out, not to mention, her personality is even better than her looks. I am going to try to blog more often because I hate when the blogs I read aren't updated, so for all you obscure readers of my blog who ever you might be, expect more from me. Sweet dreams on this wonderful Wednesday night!

Wednesday, July 28, 2010

Warm Fuzzy Feelings

My sister said something to me that touched my soul today. She said while referring to a husband, "If I can find someone that I love as much as I love you, then I'll have a very happy life." It is hard for me to explain this but hopefully someone can relate. Some days it's hard to feel loved and appreciated. That's just life and there is really no way around it. I am so thankful for the people in my life who know me well enough and care enough to bring me back to reality when I am feeling overwhelmed or unspecial. Ed and I probably say "I love you" around 4 times every day (in the morning when we leave each other, during the day sometimes over text or phone, after work, before going to sleep, and sometimes a random one thrown somewhere in there) BUT, sometimes I still feel overlooked. *Take note that I am not blaming anyone for this but myself and I especially am not blaming Ed*. I am one who loves compliments. That may sound really superficial or immature but really, it's just the way I am. Sometimes I don't even care if it's a fake compliment, I usually still feel good. I like to be noticed. Like today when I did the dishes and folded the clothes and Ed called me a Suzzie Homemaker even though I'm so far from that it is'nt even funny. Things like this make my day. My days are pretty similar to each other: wake up, job #1, come home to change, job #2, come home, dinner, some nights swim, watch friends with husband, go to sleep. Sometimes I get chlaustrophobic with this lifestyle (and yes I did just have to look up how to spell that word) but sometimes I need to just sit on the front lawn for a while so it feels like I'm doing something different. And something that I realized today is that while I am feeling this "unimportant feeling" , I am probably causing others around me to feel those same feelings because I am so focused on myself. Comments like the one Tess said to me today make me happy, they make me want good things for others instead of doting on myself, and most importantly they urge me to love others so that they can feel these same good feelings as me. It made me think of how much I love my husband and my family and my friends. Just as Tess wants, I did find someone that I love just as much as I love my sister. My Edward is an amazing man. Saturday will be our one year anniversary. To think we have been married for a year is so crazy. But boy am I glad! I hope this post came across as loving instead or complaining. We will be in Burley, Idaho for the weekend for Ed's all-time favorite triathlon, The Spudman! He got second last year so we are hoping for top three again this year. Anyway, I love my sister and my husband, my parents, in-laws, best friends. Thank you to all of you who have made my day better by being there for me.

Wednesday, July 21, 2010

Just Keep Swimming

So this is us just yesterday at a wedding. Recently we have been out of our minds busy! We went to a Christenson family reunion in Indiana which was so much fun. We also went to Boise and Burley to represent the brand Ed works for, Pearl Izumi (you should all buy their running/biking shoes and apparel) and to be with friends. Ed went cliff jumping which I did not approve of. We went to Seven Peaks. We saw the movie Inception which is amazingly good. We watch at least two episodes of Friends a day because we have no cable and we put it on before we go to sleep (we started from the beginning and are already on season 7 woo hoo we are addicted). We went to this wedding yesterday. And last but certainly not least....we started a masters swim class. DO NOT UNDERSTIMATE US. We can conquer the world (well at least that's how I felt after the first few nights). Let's start from the beginning of my swimming career: my mom put me with all the other cousins on the Jefferson Township swim team in 4th, 5th, and 6th grade and I hated every second of it. We were the dolphins, I was slow but graceful, and I did a potty dance before every single race. Now jump forward nine years: Ed and I are taking a masters swim class together at a rec center and I swam two miles last Thursday! Take that Jefferson Township! Ya, I feel pretty proud but don't let that statistic fool you....I felt like crying, cussing, and puncing my coach in the crotch for making me do that, but I covered it up by singing in my head the little tune from Finding Nemo, "Just keep swimming, just keep swimming". At least now I can say I conquered something I never thought I would. We are going back tonight and preparing for the worst, luckily I have an amazing husband who gives me a ten minute lift-me-up-praising-compliment-speech every time on the ride home from practice. He's cool.

Sunday, June 27, 2010

I'm a big fan

I've decided that I am a really big fan of thoughtful people. It's plain and simple: thoughtful people are the best people.
Perfect example #1

look at what I recieved in the mail this week

Yes, I wrote that in 2004. It seems like just last week. And yes, she gets a 100% for thoughtful behavior.

Perfect example #2

While in St. Martin, my little sister Tess gave me a late birthday present. With it, she wrote me a four page note that she had added a little bit to every night for a while. She explained at the beginning that she wrote it because she read a book for school where there were two sisters who were really close and they were sleeping in the same bed. The one sister wanted to tell the other that she loved her but she was already asleep. That night, their house was bombed and the sister died. Sad, I know. So, Tess wrote down millions of memories between the two of us and how much she loved me. Goodness that was thoughtful. Here are just a few random lines:

"I really did come to think that my sole purpose in life was to protect you from all the monsters that I was just as afraid of. You are the reason I am so brave now." "Every time Ben (our brother) babysat and I turned against you, I felt like ripping all my hair off and slamming my fingers in the door. I hated betraying you, but I was scared of him. I still feel guilty about that." "I always wanted to protect you from getting hurt, especially by boys, but I was also scared that if I said the wrong thing you wouldn't tell me things anymore. So, I would find myself switching between being brutally honest and telling you exactly what you wanted to hear." "I always protested, but I secretly loved when would doll me up with clothes and makeup, and especially when you would randomly tell me I looked good on my own." "You are one of the few people who actually gives an equal backscratch or handrub. Most people never even give one back." "I can't believe how quickly and easily you were able to find someone just like, but who is also your other half. Ed is defintitely perfect for you."

Well anyway, those were just a few lines from the long letter that I thought were sweet. She's a good sister..... the best actually. Tessabelle, I love you too and thank you for being so thoughtful.

This is probably my favorite picture of all time of the two of us.

All in all, thoughtfulness is goodness and everyone reading this should go do something thoughtful for someone you really love and make their day happier.

Friday, June 18, 2010

greedy me.

I'm feeling greedy right now. Let's just see what I write down when I think of things I want...

-bangs and longer hair
-sewing machine
-video camera (these last three are my big purchases that I will have to wait for)
-to never go to school again but still get the credit for a BA in Psych and a masters in social work
-to never have to make ice cream again
-another vacation preferably at the beach and preferably soon
-GEORGIA. this includes my friends and family and everything wonderful about GA
-to be back to my "in shape, muscular state"...or at least skinnier
-BALLET. it hurts my soul to not be dancing. that is corny but it's just true.
-Cheesecake Factory or Red Lobster
-cable t.v. so I can watch So You Think You Can Dance
-much improved cooking skills
-friends in Utah. wow, that's depressing.
-new clothing in every department (jeans, dresses, shoes, shirts, skirts, accessories, etc)
-a dog. ahhhh Ed and I dream of this. dog before baby is our motto :)
-to be able to run more than two miles, yes I am that much of a whimp and I'm married to an awesome triathlete. Hmmm that's also depressing.

Okay I think I am sounding very dissatisfied with life. I'm not. I love lots of things, but hey I'm human. I have needs which are met, but I also have wants which aren't. Luckily lots of those wants are possible if I just try. And some are possible with time. Happy Weekend Everyone!

Here is something beautiful for you:
my favorite ballerina Sylvie Guillem wearing one of the best tutus I have ever seen.
and not many things are better than that.

Saturday, June 12, 2010

One Week of Bliss

We are home! Actually we have been home for two weeks, but I'm lazy. Anyway, our vacation couldn't have been better, but instead of me babbling about how great it was for several paragraphs, these four videos and a few highlights can pretty much sum up the week.
*everyone should know that we were on the same plane as Lil Jon going to Dallas. YEAH, OKAY!
*St. Martin is the most humid place I have ever been, yes more humid than Georgia. So humid and hot that I don't know how anyone here would wear makeup or even have the hope of having their hair look good. The minute you walk outside prepare to sweat.

*This is our friend Dreadi. He has sold 25,000 c.d.'s on the beach and when we talked to him he had just gotten back from performing at Universal Studios. He told me to record this video of him so that I could put it on the internet. He really is a smart man when it comes to marketing. We bought his c.d. and no joke, he is good! It's carribean music but it really is awesome. Look him up, buy his c.d. He is the next big thing, Lady Gaga better watch out.

*I fell in love with Nutella.

*Oh how could I forget: we were sometimes one of the few groups of people CLOTHED on the beach. Lots of men and women in only thongs but we learned to get used to it.

*Ed is a child and forever will be: that is why we are in love.

*Our vacation basically consisted of beach, pool, eat, nap, pool, beach, eat, play cards, watch friends, eat, pool, beach...and so on. In other words, awesome.

*Tess and Ed ate sea urchin eggs out of a sea urchin that had just died abount a minute before, I'm so proud of them.

*I would have to say the best part about this trip was spending time with my family. I love my parents, I love my sister, and I love my husband.

It's a good life.

Sunday, May 16, 2010

In One Week...

Yes people, this is really happening. Me, Ed, Mom, Dad, Tess and her friend Malia will all be staying in this amazing villa on the Carribean island of St. Martin in one week! The best part is that we are staying there FOR FREE! I happen to be the offspring of an amazing artist (dad) who got the hook up MAJOR this time. This villa costs $10,000 to stay for a week and we get it for free because my dad will be painting in it for a few days. I can not even describe the excitment. It is a five bedroom villa with a private pool and it's a 5 minute walk from our favorite beach on the island. This is seriously a once in a lifetime experience and we are so thankful for the opportunity. It's like a second honeymoon! For those of you who don't know, Ed and I went to St. Martin for our honeymoon in August but we stayed in a dump! It had a great pool, but everything else was falling apart. We also couldn't rent a car because we weren't old enough so that caused some problems. We still had a great time on the honeymoon, but I think this trip will be a little bit more luxurious and relaxing. I also can't wait to spend time with my family.

here is a video from our honeymoon that I absolutely love:

Add Image

Monday, April 19, 2010


well, this would have been a really good day with nothing to do but take one final, but my body had something else in mind. It's called puke.
Yes, I have been throwing up since 2:30 last night when I woke up because I was having a dream about guacamole being so revolting I felt like throwing up (which is really weird because it's one of my favorite foods). Anyway, since then I have thrown up at least twice every hour until about 8:00 but there is literally nothing left in my stomach and I refuse to eat anything. I would throw up, get back in bed, drink some water, and without fail one hour later wake up and go straight to the toilet.
*take note: this is very odd behavior for me....I haven't thrown up since I got my tonsuls out in 6th grade!
Anyway, I am feeling a little better, but thats only because I just threw up again and I am trying my best to just study and think about something else right now.
I'm sorry if that was really gross and NO, I am NOT pregnant. I think it is food poisoning or something. All I know, is I want to be my normal self again, one that eats and sleeps and doesn't almost choke to death every time I enter the bathroom.
Have a nice day everyone, I will try to also.
I must say though, Ed is a very good husband. He feels so terrible for me and even cleaned up my messes. Yeah, that's devotion.

Saturday, April 10, 2010

My Favorite Friend.

I miss a special someone in my life. Her name is Janie Ragan.
She looks like this:

Yes, she is gorgeous.
She dresses like this every day:

Okay, not really.

But she is my best friend like this:

Who would I be today without Janie? I do not want to know, she really is the greatest friend I have ever had. Good luck at your show tonight Jane, wish I could be there! Oh well, I would probably cry if I watched you dance anyway :)

I love you my dear.

Wednesday, March 31, 2010

Twenty and Obsessed.

So my birthday was on Saturday and it was such a fun day. First, Ed had a race that he almost won but ended up getting second place by 13 seconds due to a shrimpy boy speeding past at the last little bit. boooo. oh well. I would like to announce that I have a wonderful husband who went shopping with me for two nights in a row at two different malls as I proceeded to buy almost nothing! That's right, nothing. It's remarkable and I don't know why, but I seriously did not want anything. I need shoes, I need jeans, I want clothes, etc but left with nothing except a racer back striped tank top from gadzooks that was $4. Odd. Anyway, then we went to the Cheescake factory and ate like royalty. Seriously, we felt like a million bucks compared to our usual dining habits at mcdonalds and the local mexican restaraunt. After that my brother and sister in law ben and amy came over to play an intense game of phase 10. What more could I possibly want on the day I turn 20?

Anyway, we have great news: We are going to St. Martin this May with my family! This news made my semester worth finishing and our summer worth living. We are BEYOND excited. This news has sparked some new projects and obsessions for the beach.

Obsession/Project # 1:
This skirt from J.Crew that I saw while shopping but will never be willing to pay $58 for such a small thing. But.....I can sew it myself! I took a sewing class at BYU last semester that was hard core. Truthfully, I probably cried about projects and deadlines in that class about eight times throughout the semester. Note: three of those times occurred during class in front of everyone. Anyway, now I know how to sew and although I'm no pro, I will make this skirt and it will look good.

Obsession/Project # 2:

Alright, this bathing suit has seriously been on my mind nonstop for the past three days. It has cast a spell on me. Unfortunately, Ed believes that $160 for a bathing suit is too much :( So......I will comprimise. I have made the plan in my head and done some research on the internet about sewing on bathings suits. I decided that while I LOVE the fabrics of this suit, what is really drawing me in is the ruffle, the fact that it is a one piece, and the fact that it is strapless. My solution is to buy a bathing suit much cheaper somewhere else that is a strapless one piece and add a ruffle like this one! It's brilliant and I know I can do it, just have to find the time. Or you know, someone could just buy this for me :)

Wednesday, March 10, 2010

Ty and Steve Weekend.

So, we went to Salt Lake this weekend to get away and stayed at Ed's sister Amy's house who happens to have THE cutest kids. These boys are Ty and Steve and they are a blast. I would also like to mention that it may look like Ed is beating them up, but trust me, they love it. We also went to the zoo that day just Ed and I which was really fun, maybe I will post some pictures of that a little later. Enjoy these three hyper kids for now (Ed included)....he is too funny

Monday, March 1, 2010

Mika - We are Golden

This video is the inspiration to our life.

Wednesday, February 24, 2010


1. Why do religion teachers at BYU try so hard to give us bad grades? For real, the tests are just ridiculous. Yes I love the church, yes I have a testimony, yes i know the basics and most of the details, yes I even gave a talk on Valentines Day this year.......can't that just give me an A!?

2. Why do we have to have sucky jobs before we have good jobs that we love? I'm freaking out, I really can't take it anymore. I HATE my job. The hours, the work, the pay...it all sucks. I saw an ad in the paper the other week to be a 911 dispatcher and I so wanted it! I want anything at this moment.

3. Why do so many people think they can sing well when they really can't? (I am currently watching American Idol). The sad thing is that its not even the auditions, this is the real thing and they still suck! Sorry I'm sounding really mean I realized. I'll lighten the mood.

Sorry for the ranting. This blog is fun for me. Not like anyone even reads it yet, but I honestly don't mind. I'm just having fun by myself with this. Ed and I are really wanting to get out of town, it doesn't even matter where we go, we just need a little break! Oh how I wish BYU students had the benefits of Spring Break like every other college in the United States. Life isn't fair. It's funny, my mom has told me my whole entire life that "Life isn't fair" and somehow every time something happens that isn't fair I am somehow surprised. You would think I'd learn and just accept it. Anyway, I do have things to look forward to. Ed is making me Kraft Mac & Cheese as I am typing this, tomorrow is my last day of work until Tuesday, Ed has a basketball game tomorrow and we are totally going to win, and finally I am making manicotti this weekend! It is one of my favorite dishes at restaurants but I have never even had it homemade. Hopefully it turns out well. Life is good. We are happy. We love each other. Have a nice day

Monday, February 22, 2010

Runway Model: Edward Christenson

As you can see, Ed is wearing my leotard. My favorite leotard in fact (which I think he thoroughly enjoyed wearing). This shocking event occurred on Saturday morning and I realized that it is pretty bad when your husband looks better in your leotard than you do! We went running immediately afterwards and I about died.
I mean seriously, his slender body just gets me so jealous. He has model legs and a small bum. Oh if only I could have been blessed with these characteristics. I won't give up hope. This image is my new motivation.
By the way, we are new to the blogging scene as you can tell so we are still trying to figure out things, its all very exciting.
Ed and Amanda.