Thursday, November 1, 2012

post just to post

It's been a fun couple of weeks and it's going to get even better for Ed's birthday this weekend. Last week I had my Halloween party and it was a great success. My cohort is amazing and I loved hanging out with them outside of class.
I've been shopping with friends and getting some serious steals for therapy clothes, you know the whole professional looking thing? Ya, my closet isn't exactly qualified for that.
Ed and I have watched scary movies almost every night. My favorites have been The Skeleton Key and Hannibal (although I've had some really freaky dreams afterward).
We also went to our Single's Ward Halloween party. It was a dinner and dance which proved to be somewhat awkward but still fun as Ed and I boogied pretty much alone the whole time.
Tonight we are going 80's dancing to celebrate Ed's birthday like the old days and I can not wait. It's been so long!
I'm still loving my program, but it's definitely getting harder academically and emotionally. I can't believe I could have my first client next week! My only hope is that they don't ask, "Am I your first client?". Anything else I think I can handle, but that question will probably make me want to cry. Whatever happens I know I'll live through it and move on, right?

I'm totally out of things to say, I feel like my mind goes blank more often lately and I just think of nothing sometimes. Maybe my brain is working too hard?