Sunday, June 27, 2010

I'm a big fan

I've decided that I am a really big fan of thoughtful people. It's plain and simple: thoughtful people are the best people.
Perfect example #1

look at what I recieved in the mail this week

Yes, I wrote that in 2004. It seems like just last week. And yes, she gets a 100% for thoughtful behavior.

Perfect example #2

While in St. Martin, my little sister Tess gave me a late birthday present. With it, she wrote me a four page note that she had added a little bit to every night for a while. She explained at the beginning that she wrote it because she read a book for school where there were two sisters who were really close and they were sleeping in the same bed. The one sister wanted to tell the other that she loved her but she was already asleep. That night, their house was bombed and the sister died. Sad, I know. So, Tess wrote down millions of memories between the two of us and how much she loved me. Goodness that was thoughtful. Here are just a few random lines:

"I really did come to think that my sole purpose in life was to protect you from all the monsters that I was just as afraid of. You are the reason I am so brave now." "Every time Ben (our brother) babysat and I turned against you, I felt like ripping all my hair off and slamming my fingers in the door. I hated betraying you, but I was scared of him. I still feel guilty about that." "I always wanted to protect you from getting hurt, especially by boys, but I was also scared that if I said the wrong thing you wouldn't tell me things anymore. So, I would find myself switching between being brutally honest and telling you exactly what you wanted to hear." "I always protested, but I secretly loved when would doll me up with clothes and makeup, and especially when you would randomly tell me I looked good on my own." "You are one of the few people who actually gives an equal backscratch or handrub. Most people never even give one back." "I can't believe how quickly and easily you were able to find someone just like, but who is also your other half. Ed is defintitely perfect for you."

Well anyway, those were just a few lines from the long letter that I thought were sweet. She's a good sister..... the best actually. Tessabelle, I love you too and thank you for being so thoughtful.

This is probably my favorite picture of all time of the two of us.

All in all, thoughtfulness is goodness and everyone reading this should go do something thoughtful for someone you really love and make their day happier.

Friday, June 18, 2010

greedy me.

I'm feeling greedy right now. Let's just see what I write down when I think of things I want...

-bangs and longer hair
-sewing machine
-video camera (these last three are my big purchases that I will have to wait for)
-to never go to school again but still get the credit for a BA in Psych and a masters in social work
-to never have to make ice cream again
-another vacation preferably at the beach and preferably soon
-GEORGIA. this includes my friends and family and everything wonderful about GA
-to be back to my "in shape, muscular state"...or at least skinnier
-BALLET. it hurts my soul to not be dancing. that is corny but it's just true.
-Cheesecake Factory or Red Lobster
-cable t.v. so I can watch So You Think You Can Dance
-much improved cooking skills
-friends in Utah. wow, that's depressing.
-new clothing in every department (jeans, dresses, shoes, shirts, skirts, accessories, etc)
-a dog. ahhhh Ed and I dream of this. dog before baby is our motto :)
-to be able to run more than two miles, yes I am that much of a whimp and I'm married to an awesome triathlete. Hmmm that's also depressing.

Okay I think I am sounding very dissatisfied with life. I'm not. I love lots of things, but hey I'm human. I have needs which are met, but I also have wants which aren't. Luckily lots of those wants are possible if I just try. And some are possible with time. Happy Weekend Everyone!

Here is something beautiful for you:
my favorite ballerina Sylvie Guillem wearing one of the best tutus I have ever seen.
and not many things are better than that.

Saturday, June 12, 2010

One Week of Bliss

We are home! Actually we have been home for two weeks, but I'm lazy. Anyway, our vacation couldn't have been better, but instead of me babbling about how great it was for several paragraphs, these four videos and a few highlights can pretty much sum up the week.
*everyone should know that we were on the same plane as Lil Jon going to Dallas. YEAH, OKAY!
*St. Martin is the most humid place I have ever been, yes more humid than Georgia. So humid and hot that I don't know how anyone here would wear makeup or even have the hope of having their hair look good. The minute you walk outside prepare to sweat.

*This is our friend Dreadi. He has sold 25,000 c.d.'s on the beach and when we talked to him he had just gotten back from performing at Universal Studios. He told me to record this video of him so that I could put it on the internet. He really is a smart man when it comes to marketing. We bought his c.d. and no joke, he is good! It's carribean music but it really is awesome. Look him up, buy his c.d. He is the next big thing, Lady Gaga better watch out.

*I fell in love with Nutella.

*Oh how could I forget: we were sometimes one of the few groups of people CLOTHED on the beach. Lots of men and women in only thongs but we learned to get used to it.

*Ed is a child and forever will be: that is why we are in love.

*Our vacation basically consisted of beach, pool, eat, nap, pool, beach, eat, play cards, watch friends, eat, pool, beach...and so on. In other words, awesome.

*Tess and Ed ate sea urchin eggs out of a sea urchin that had just died abount a minute before, I'm so proud of them.

*I would have to say the best part about this trip was spending time with my family. I love my parents, I love my sister, and I love my husband.

It's a good life.