Monday, February 22, 2010

Runway Model: Edward Christenson

As you can see, Ed is wearing my leotard. My favorite leotard in fact (which I think he thoroughly enjoyed wearing). This shocking event occurred on Saturday morning and I realized that it is pretty bad when your husband looks better in your leotard than you do! We went running immediately afterwards and I about died.
I mean seriously, his slender body just gets me so jealous. He has model legs and a small bum. Oh if only I could have been blessed with these characteristics. I won't give up hope. This image is my new motivation.
By the way, we are new to the blogging scene as you can tell so we are still trying to figure out things, its all very exciting.
Ed and Amanda.


  1. next time Ed should run in the leotard.....and you can wear the speedo Amanda. That would turn a few heads.

  2. This is Tess by the way. I Love you two goobers.

  3. YES! this blog looks AWESOME! i love it. please oh please keep up with it! you did so well. i love your side bar and header! you are officially a blogger! woo hoo!