Wednesday, March 31, 2010

Twenty and Obsessed.

So my birthday was on Saturday and it was such a fun day. First, Ed had a race that he almost won but ended up getting second place by 13 seconds due to a shrimpy boy speeding past at the last little bit. boooo. oh well. I would like to announce that I have a wonderful husband who went shopping with me for two nights in a row at two different malls as I proceeded to buy almost nothing! That's right, nothing. It's remarkable and I don't know why, but I seriously did not want anything. I need shoes, I need jeans, I want clothes, etc but left with nothing except a racer back striped tank top from gadzooks that was $4. Odd. Anyway, then we went to the Cheescake factory and ate like royalty. Seriously, we felt like a million bucks compared to our usual dining habits at mcdonalds and the local mexican restaraunt. After that my brother and sister in law ben and amy came over to play an intense game of phase 10. What more could I possibly want on the day I turn 20?

Anyway, we have great news: We are going to St. Martin this May with my family! This news made my semester worth finishing and our summer worth living. We are BEYOND excited. This news has sparked some new projects and obsessions for the beach.

Obsession/Project # 1:
This skirt from J.Crew that I saw while shopping but will never be willing to pay $58 for such a small thing. But.....I can sew it myself! I took a sewing class at BYU last semester that was hard core. Truthfully, I probably cried about projects and deadlines in that class about eight times throughout the semester. Note: three of those times occurred during class in front of everyone. Anyway, now I know how to sew and although I'm no pro, I will make this skirt and it will look good.

Obsession/Project # 2:

Alright, this bathing suit has seriously been on my mind nonstop for the past three days. It has cast a spell on me. Unfortunately, Ed believes that $160 for a bathing suit is too much :( So......I will comprimise. I have made the plan in my head and done some research on the internet about sewing on bathings suits. I decided that while I LOVE the fabrics of this suit, what is really drawing me in is the ruffle, the fact that it is a one piece, and the fact that it is strapless. My solution is to buy a bathing suit much cheaper somewhere else that is a strapless one piece and add a ruffle like this one! It's brilliant and I know I can do it, just have to find the time. Or you know, someone could just buy this for me :)


  1. you can do it! woo hoo! can't wait to see these projects! good luck, and happy birthday again! sounds like you've got a great husband!

  2. What more could you want on your birthday? probably your amazing little sister TESS! just a thought haha

  3. I'm taking a sewing class this summer! I'm scared because I always hear about how intense they are, but hey, reading that you have all these fun projects lined up now is rather encouraging.

    Happy 20th birthday :-)