Saturday, January 29, 2011

Cruise, Brandon Davies, Blessings

I have a new obsession with McDonalds 50 cent cherry pies. I have had FIVE in the last TWO days. yes, that means three the first night and two more the second night. And now I want another.

Friday night: went to Sensuous Sandwich. Watched two horrible movies. Went to sleep with a headache, woke up in the middle of the night hurting worse, woke up in the morning thinking my brain was going to explode.

Saturday: still laying in bed. Picking out bathing suits I want this year and realizing I probably won't even get to go to the beach this summer (tears are likely to come). I'm pretty sure it will be the first summer of my life with no beach time. BUT, Ed and I are planning a CRUISE for December this year! We are both graduating in Dec. and figured for Christmas what better to do than go on a second honeymoon? No presents, just sun, sand, blue sky, food, and exotic islands.

I'm thinking about the future a lot. Kind of freaking out about grad school. Can't wait to learn more about being a therapist and then actually do it. Right now I feel more confident than ever that I am doing what I am supposed to do (career wise).

I have been volunteering at the Utah State Hospital. I basically just hang out, play games, color, and talk with adults with mental illnesses. Schizophrenia is the most common. It's interesting and fun and a great learning experience, but mostly there is a huge feeling of sadness lurking there, or maybe that's just my perception of it. Everyone has different trials in life, and I guess that mental illness is theirs, but it makes me feel so spoiled. Let me rephrase, I feel blessed. Truly blessed, but somewhat guilty that my life is so easy compared to so many. Here I am talking about cruises and bathing suits and grad school and there are people throughout the world who are just trying to survive. Okay I am being a downer.

On a happier note, BYU won the basketball game against San Diego State. The game was so much fun to watch with friends and I developed a MAJOR crush on Brandon Davies. haha I love my husband, but a good looking black boy.......okay I will stop.

I'm liking these really random posts, they are easy and I will probably stick to them for a while.
Do yourself a favor and be more productive than me today.


  1. WE won't be at a beach this summer either which is killing me!! We went twice last summer though, so I guess I can't complain too much. I'm glad the cherry pies are still satisfying after the first 2 :)

  2. Yeah those black men are hard to resist :)