Sunday, October 16, 2011

Random thoughts from Amanda's brain

I've lost 6 pounds!
I miss my parents
I want long hair again
I really miss ballet
This semester is horrible
I'm working way too much 
Want cheesecake 
Can't wait for halloween, Ed and I's costume idea is amazing
I love my friends
I am in need of my mom's pumpkin pie
Religion teachers at BYU need to get over themselves
Need to get into grad school, need to apply for grad school 
Need a new car, Chevy Equinox is a stretch, but should we do it? 
Amanda, you have to find a new job
Why do nice things cost money? 
Been having some really crazy dreams lately
Red Lobster all you can eat shrimp soon, look forward to it every year
What should I get Ed for his birthday?
Sleepover with Tess this weekend
Can't wait to see Brad home from a mission and Britta and new baby
I desperately want a puppy
I desperately want to know where I will live in 10 months 
Football is really growing on me
Obsessed with counting calories

And that's pretty much all that's on my mind lately. 
I love Ed, my family, my cat, my friends. My schedule sucks, but it's life. I've got to keep motivated, can't wait to be 20 lbs less, it will happen. Goodnight all.


  1. Most of those thoughts are also in my brain these days. Our schedule sucks this semester too, and our car is breaking, and we want to know where we'll be in 10 months, I want long hair again, and losing 20 pounds would be fantastic. I'm envious that you've lost 6. Way to go!

    P.S. Have you guys seen this vid?

  2. Where will you be in 10 months? My vote is HOUSTON!!!! Please?! miss you!

  3. What are you doing for work these days? RTC, coding lab, both? Good luck with anything. And if you want me to give feedback on a letter of intent, let me know.

  4. What are you guys doing for Halloween??

  5. Oh Amanda, I feel your pain. But I want short hair, not long and am too chicken to cut it -- because afraid it will make my face look chubbier.

    I am obsessed with Key Lime Pie and am trying to wean myself off of it.

    My thoughts are with you. And go to Boise! I'm hoping to get a job out there -- have an interview this week.

  6. Your parents miss you too! We love you and are extremely proud of your accomplishments. Hang in there! Way to go on losing 8 lbs. I will join you in that quest tomorrow.