Friday, January 20, 2012

Life in 2012

I decided to make Ed's dreams come true for Christmas and I bought him an Xbox with Kinect, so as you can imagine, we have watched 6 seasons of How I Met Your Mother on Netflix and lots of Downton Abbey. I started my new job as the Study Hall teacher and I'm floating right along, trying to get used to working there every day instead of every other day. Sometimes you need a major break from those kids, but I will get used to it. I actually like it a lot, it's relaxed and I feel more helpful because I can actually see their progress more concretely. Today was not the best day at work, but most days are really good. I got bangs again and I like them a lot better this time around. They are fun to have and don't take near as much work as I expected. I'm slowly changing my diet back to the healthy stuff and using myfitnesspal again and it's working so far. I've just got to get the habit of working out every day after work. I became a real BYU Employee, parking in A lots and retirement benefits included. Yes, it's pretty official. I started teaching my ballet class and the first week was terrible, they barely knew what plie's were, but we're working on it. The second class went way better and they decided they want their recital to be black swan-ish so that should be fun. I love ballet, have I said that before? Just showing the simple combinations of plies and fondus made me happy again. Now can I have a trumpet sound effect? The greatest of all, I got an interview for the MFT program at BYU! I am beyond nervous, but it does give me a boost of confidence to know that if all else fails at least I've made it this far. The best part about 2012 is having no homework. I never realized how great it would be to see all the students walking past my house every day and laughing at them because they are still in school and I'm not (evil laughing). More news, we may go to St. Martin again this summer with my parents! It will depend on cost, but it would be so fun if we could go yet again for our third time together reliving our honeymoon. Another less wonderful thing, our new neighbors. I could literally PUNCH them (Tess has been teaching me some pretty intense Muay Thia punches). One of these days I'm going to snap and cuss them out, I'm sure of it. I realized today, I am around a whole lot more males than females on a daily basis and I hope I'm not losing my girliness, if that's possible. I mean, I'm still having Bachelor parties on Monday nights and putting on makeup, but without ballet or any constant interaction with females from school or my coding job, I feel I'm becoming even more boyish than Ed! I've always farted, burped, put off shaving my legs, etc., but I'm not really getting my girl talk on as much as I'd like. It's hard to explain, luckily I've got my sister and two amazing friends that I see every week. Sometimes I just talk to Kona and pretend she's listening to me. Ed does it too, I can sometimes hear him in the other room chatting to her. In fact, he just said in a whiney voice, "Kona, you're making me sad because you're being lame. You're just like mom, so stubborn. You're both stubborn ladies" (yes, I am "mom"). Oh yes, a small diamond fell out of my ring. No worries though, I've got a lifetime warranty on that baby and they will definitely replace it. I'm writing the randomest of things in this post so I'll wrap it up.

Life is good. I miss my parents. I will be skinny. I will conquer the world with my MFT skills one day. I love Ed. That pretty much sums it up.


  1. Amanda... you're totally hot.... and feminine... and hilarious and awesome and brilliant and I just love you. And let's do some girl time soon please. !!!

  2. Netflix is the best thing of my life. I am trying to get in shape too! What is myfitnesspal?

  3. Amanda I love you and your posts are so fun to read! I am so happy for our Bachelor parties too. So much fun and good for some much needed girl time. And, you seem not at all boyish to me. You are the cutest. Love you! :)