Saturday, March 17, 2012

lessons learned in the last 2 weeks.

-fudge dipped almond bars from Costco can fulfill a void in my life I didn't know existed. How have I not known about them until now?

-I should really give up on trying to run ever because it always leaves me depressed, embarrassed, and with runner's cough.

-I love the movie Borat. I knew that already, but after watching it twice in this week (point and laugh all you want), I have a new found love for dirty jokes and lewd behavior.

-Never, I repeat NEVER eat half a bag of Costco dried mango's in one day. You will have a stomach ache for days and it is very likely you could be constipated for the next week. 

-Give people the benefit of the doubt. Ed said I was the most judgmental person he knew this week. Yeah, that may have been a little harsh, but I needed to hear it and take a good look at my pessimistic perspective.

-Courtney and Ben (from The Bachelor) are made for each other: both socially awkward weirdos. 

-I have dreamed of cats snuggling for the last three nights. I'm taking that as a sign that I'm not pleased with amount of snuggles Kona gives me....ZERO. We are in a power struggle and she is not giving up at following me all over the house waiting to bite my ankles while she rubs and purrs all over Ed.

-I realized how much I love some of my boys from work and how much of a worrier I am going to be about my kids. They are going to hate me!

-It's perfectly okay to let your husband have a sleepover with his best friends to play halo all night while you have long talks and watch Borat with your sister. Be. Less. Selfish. Let him have one night of fun and share him with other people instead of having a grumpy night together.

-There are some BYU students who really give us a bad reputation and it is invigorating to cuss them out. HA! Yes, that really did happen last Friday and believe me, it felt good for Ed and I to let out a little anger on those jerk-offs. Don't judge me, be jealous. You know you've always wanted to scream obscenities at a group of 15 losers before.

-Related to the lesson above: don't spend 45 minutes looking for keys in the wilderness when they have been in your pocket the whole time (EDWARD!) But DO revisit the spot where he popped the question and you said yes :)

Those are the lessons learned from the beginning of March. May the end of March teach me new things, force me to turn 22 unwillingly, and lead me into spending a week with my wonderful parents!

Happy St. Patrick's day, now go do an Irish Jig and find a pot of gold in your life.
And wear green, because being green is cool.

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  1. Haha!! You crack me up, Amanda!! I love your blog posts! I want to cuss out a group of 15 losers! I am jealous!!! Sorry about the mangoes...I will remember that jem of advice. Love ya!