Wednesday, May 9, 2012

music is a cure

i was feeling pretty down earlier today. i've been sick as a dog the last week, fever and everything. terrible. i forgot what it felt like to be sick and i do not want to feel it again. work was annoying. kona attacked me and i had to punish her by shutting her in the bathroom. had a heart to heart with ed, blahhhh. you know how those go if you've been married for a while: you always end up crying and feeling bad because you're actually telling each other the truth. the truth hurts. but then somehow later on that night you feel better because you really talked. i turned on some music and it cured me. i realized how little i listen to music these days. i just go to work and turn on the tv, no music ever. we should all have a little more music in our lives. thought i'd share.

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