Friday, June 18, 2010

greedy me.

I'm feeling greedy right now. Let's just see what I write down when I think of things I want...

-bangs and longer hair
-sewing machine
-video camera (these last three are my big purchases that I will have to wait for)
-to never go to school again but still get the credit for a BA in Psych and a masters in social work
-to never have to make ice cream again
-another vacation preferably at the beach and preferably soon
-GEORGIA. this includes my friends and family and everything wonderful about GA
-to be back to my "in shape, muscular state"...or at least skinnier
-BALLET. it hurts my soul to not be dancing. that is corny but it's just true.
-Cheesecake Factory or Red Lobster
-cable t.v. so I can watch So You Think You Can Dance
-much improved cooking skills
-friends in Utah. wow, that's depressing.
-new clothing in every department (jeans, dresses, shoes, shirts, skirts, accessories, etc)
-a dog. ahhhh Ed and I dream of this. dog before baby is our motto :)
-to be able to run more than two miles, yes I am that much of a whimp and I'm married to an awesome triathlete. Hmmm that's also depressing.

Okay I think I am sounding very dissatisfied with life. I'm not. I love lots of things, but hey I'm human. I have needs which are met, but I also have wants which aren't. Luckily lots of those wants are possible if I just try. And some are possible with time. Happy Weekend Everyone!

Here is something beautiful for you:
my favorite ballerina Sylvie Guillem wearing one of the best tutus I have ever seen.
and not many things are better than that.


  1. Hey, I haven't been able to post a comment for some stupid reason. Will experiment.

  2. OK so it worked this time. Loved your post about St. Martin. Your videos are really fun. I'm sorry you are homesick. We miss you too. Please find some way to dance. It hurts my heart to hear you say that it hurts your soul not to be dancing. Hey, did you get a chance to look at my Romeo and Juliet wiki. Check out the ballet clips. The last one where Romeo dances with what he thinks is a dead Juliet is a little freaky. What do you think?

  3. hey Amanda!! Well I like you, and I say we should go running together :) i don't like running very far but I like to mix it up a bit. Call me so we can run together or simply hang out!! I'm a loser too haha.. many of our friends are far away. Dani and I want to have you and Ed over.. but we're still moving in.. since were remodeling stuff we still have boxes everywhere!

    CALL ME!

    ps. we want dog before baby too!!! well... i do. haha!

  4. Amanda! I love this post...I too find myself wanting more then I should. Anyways...are you in Provo?? I am in Salt Lake, we should be friends again. Anyways your vacation looked fabulous!! Miss you!

    p.s. I understand about the heart hurting because of dance, ITS HORRIBLE!!...lets start our own studio and then we can dance FOREVER!

  5. I like your motto. That is such a beautiful tutu that she is wearing. I love her so much. I wish I could dance like her. Amanda, I feel your pain about not dancing too. It also hurts my soul. I never get to take class...but I did this past week and it was wonderful. I wish I could do that all the time and I wish you were here to dance with me.

  6. This is a late comment to your post but -- we say you should be dancing too! We'll even fund the Amanda H. Christenson Memorial "I Just Wanna Dance" Scholarship. Seriously.