Tuesday, September 7, 2010

Things that will get me through this semester:

1. Love notes from Ed in my lunch on the days that he knows I'm stressed out.

2. My shows that start in the fall: Parenthood, Glee, and House to name a few.
Looking forward to finally getting back to Georgia for Christmas.

3. Thinking of buying a kitten? maybe just maybe :) I know that I have said I hate cats my whole life, but they are really starting to grow on me. Ed and I feel the need for a new friend....in the animal form.

4. CREAMIES! This is a box of 24 with only one left.....we have had this box for a week and a half, that's scary. We do need to cut back to one creamie per day, but we will definitely be buying more of these boxes.

5. Awesome friends: Janie and Sam sent me about 20 pictures that they took all around GA with a mini-me that they made. It was so hilarious, I was dying laughing when I got it. They went to my house, the ballet studio, my high school, the place where I had my bridal shower, Berry college, and took pictures with all of their dogs that I dearly miss. Here are two of my favorites. It's nice to know they haven't forgotten about me. This first one is pretty creepy.

6. And lastly, my sister and parents come to Utah in a week and a half which makes me very very happy.

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  1. Wow. Never ever ever ever ever ever ever did I think that you would consider getting a cat. Who are you? I feel like I don't even know you anymore. :) Also, I'm really glad you liked the pictures. I must say I look really tan in that picture. Weird. I love you! :)