Friday, February 11, 2011

The Latest of a Naughty Teenage Cat

It is literally impossible to open the fridge door without this little sneaker wanting to take a peak.
This picture captures her personality perfectly
No, she did not create this mouse hole in our bedroom door, it was there when we moved in (we live in a crap hole) but it makes it impossible to shut her out at night, so she has moved into the bed with us.
Just on the hunt for some marshmallows (her favorite treat)

We love her. Some may say we are a little over-obsessed, and we are, but we like it that way. I often wake up in the night and she is chewing on my hair, so that's a problem; but on other nights I wake up and she is snuggled up in my arms like a baby doll. How can I complain?


  1. What's with cats and hair? We had a cat once that would like Wayne's hair. I don't think she'd do it to anyone else but she would groom the heck out of Wayne's head.

  2. that made Ed laugh really hard, but ya, I just wake up and she is chewing the ends of my hair and I never know how long she's been doing it because I was asleep! haha we miss you Mary!