Wednesday, November 30, 2011

Holly Jolly

It's officially Christmas time in the Christenson home!
I love this video so much still. This is the Killers single from last year and I'm pretty sure I posted it then too. A clip from my favorite Christmas movie plus Brandon's amazing bolo tie and then the touching story of the man down on his luck makes this one of the best music videos in history.
Check out their Christmas single for 2011 too, it's not as touching but it's fun.

When I first realized I would marry Ed I was kinda bored with the name Christenson because it's pretty common, but having been a Christenson for almost two and a half years now I have learned to take pride in it. I love our more unique spelling of having "on" at the end instead of the more typical "en". The greatest part about this way of spelling is that when I really look at the word, it says
"Christ the Son"
I will always appreciate having Christ's name in my own name. I hope that I can treat this Christmas as a celebration of Christ and not just as a happy holiday that makes me feel good. I want to really focus on the Savior and how to be more like Him. That's my goal this Christmas.

I also need to think of something really great to give Ed.

And put Kona's Christmas sweater on her as much as possible.

These next three weeks will be the worst. I'm doomed for sure, but I did it to myself. Procrastination has never been worse for me, but hey, for my last semester I think I'm doing pretty well. I'm literally trying not to care about school as much because I've always wanted to not care. By no means am I a perfectionist or an all A student, but I don't think I've ever just totally given up on any assignment. Gosh, for once I just want to not turn in an assignment or not take a final (oh wait, I did that last semester...dumbest moment of my life). Anyway, I have yet to write 2 research papers plus 9 additional papers on top of that. Not to mention two more grad school applications. Whatever, it will get done somehow. Just three more weeks and I will be a college graduate.

So I now teach a ballet class. Yay. They had their recital on Monday night and it was so fun to be there with them. It made me miss my performances in the Cobb Civic Center so much.

Ed and I are hooked on the Real Housewives again so I'm off to go catch up on about three episodes instead of doing school work. I love that my husband loves these shows just as much as me.

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