Sunday, November 6, 2011

November Weekend

It's been a really good weekend. 

We started early with Ed's birthday on Thursday : he opened presents throughout the day, we went to our beloved Rice King for lunch with sister Cindy and talked about everything under the sun, suffered together through the worst class on earth (philosophy), ate some good mexican with friends and ordered "The Rock", I blindfolded Ed and kind of surprised him (I am not that skilled at surprises apparently), bowled the night away with our best friends wearing party hats, and came home late to eat the cheesecake I made together in bed while watching Modern Family. Wow. Happy 23rd Birthday, Ed! 

Then it was Friday. I had a super easy day at work which consisted of going to the driving range, hanging out at the park, eating an amazing thanksgiving style lunch, and clocking out after a "hard day's work". Then we test drove two cars, argued about it, and decided to just wait it out and chill on the new car thing. We are sick of these car dealers trying to screw us left and right. Then we ate at The Smoking Apple....oh thank goodness for that place. We stopped by the intramural game that Ed is a new member of and watched our friend Marc break his ankle and get rushed to the hospital. Came home and layed in bed watching Nomeo and Juliet on Netflix.

Saturday was next. The morning consisted of sleeping in, t.v., eating the Hickory Farms summer sausage I got Ed for his birthday, and trying to decide what to do with our lives that day. We ended up going to see Tower Heist and laughed out loud in the theater almost the entire movie. Then we walked around window shopping making sure to stop by Williams Sonoma to oodle and pretend like we're rich. Got some apple cider and carrot cake samples and stopped by in the toy store that was playing Christmas music to get in the spirit of the holidays. Then we headed home and Ed helped me make a cake for our friend Kelli's birthday. We celebrated her birthday at Outback and headed to her house to play games. We went to bed late knowing that we had an extra hour for daylight savings and slept in this morning.

I'm sorry if this was boring to read, but one day I will look back on this weekend and remember that all I need is my husband, my friends, some good food, and my kitty to be happy. Today we have been playing hand and foot together and laughing at Kona, watching football and cuddling in blankets. It's been nice. Now we have to start a new week and I know I will regret not doing any homework or graduate school applications but what the heck, I've enjoyed my life.

November does amazing things to me. It is one of my favorite months because to me, it's all about family. It's about being thankful and vamping up for the best holidays. It's about getting close to ending a semester and this year, ending my undergrad! It starts to get chilly and every day I hope to wake up and have no snow, but it's coming, I can feel it. I start to drink hot chocolate every night without fail and plan all the presents I will buy my favorite people. I will definitely miss my parents this year at Thanksgiving, but I'm excited to have another Christenson feast. Now I'm off to help finish off the cheesecake and eat as many yummy things as I can because tomorrow I'm back on the diet. 

Signing off, a very content Amanda.

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  1. You are so cute Amanda! We always have so much fun hanging out with you guys. I agree, this is a fun and great time of year! We will have to do lots of fun Christmas activities together :)