Wednesday, November 27, 2013

oh dear...

9 cavities. 
Marriage has officially ruined me. I haven't been to the dentist in 4 years and I guess that's what I get. But also, thanks a lot Utah, I obviously need fluoride in my water. 
I'm going back next Friday to have my entire mouth numbed and drilled into.
As for now, I will eat as many sweets as possible on Thanksgiving to get more of my money's worth with these cavities. 
And what's worse? Ed only had 3. Not that I wanted him to have more because all together this is costing over $1,000, but I am definitely embarrassed especially since he is the cavity king.
I realize there could be way bigger things to complain about concerning health, so I'm pretty blessed to only have 9 cavities and otherwise be healthy.

But seriously, pure panic when they told me. I was hoping to not have one.
Luckily, they promised me laughing gas, so that should be fun.

One other random note, who has watched Dexter? We finished the 4th season last night and we are so torn up about it with no one to talk to. 

First world problems right? I love life and I'll be less whiny from now on.

In other news, a kid in Alabama killed a wild boar weighing 1,050 pounds...I love my country.

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