Friday, April 22, 2011

In the past week I have....

*Started and finished three big papers on the days they were due (procrastination at its finest)
*Listened to Kona whine about being in heat for the fourth month in a row
*Thoroughly enjoyed the Parenthood finale
*Made dinner maybe once?....ate out wayyyyy too much
*Officially started my new job WHICH I LOVE. and hate sometimes, but it's all good experience.
*Slow danced with my studly husband
*Missed a final.
bahahahahhahahahahahwwwwwwwwwwaaaahahahaha! FAIL.
No really, I did the worst thing a senior in college applying for grad school could possibly do. It was my clinical psych class and one of my favorites and I had a 97% in the class. But somehow, I just forgot to take it. HOW DID THAT HAPPEN? My only explanation is that I have been so stressed about starting my job and was there almost every day doing paperwork and meetings and shadowing and then I had to write those papers. I wish I had a better excuse, but really and truly, I just forgot. It was horrible and of course I was a crying mess. Even stupid people remember to take the final! I don't think I have ever even forgotten a small assignment, much less a final that is worth 20% of my grade! So anyway, I was so embarrassed that I only told Ed and one friend. I didn't even tell my mom when she congratulated me on being done with the semester (when finals were over...oops) because I didn't want to start into the crying thing again. I emailed three of my teacher's different email addresses twice each and she finally responded on Sunday night. That means she left me hanging for 4 whole days! I was dying, but it turns out she was hiking and camping in southern utah. Luckily, my teacher is an angel sent from heaven and let me take the test Monday morning. I got a 91% which kept my grade at an A and she didn't count off at all. Phew! That was lucky. Now on with my list.

*Found a new favorite restaurant thanks to our friends Joe and Sarah. Its called The Smoking Apple. You can ask Ed, I have been bringing it up like every five seconds since.
*Ate at my Grandpa's for Easter dinner and talked about rocks for two hours. Ed was literally enthralled. Grandpa loves his rocks. And Ed loves Grandpa.
*Started to try running again for the millionth time. Still horrible, but determined to get better.
*Dreamed there were ghosts tapping me on the back while I slept, that there was an explosion at the zoo and I was greeted by friendly wolves and then attacked by a cow but conquered it, and that it was New Years Eve and no one wanted to do the dishes. (those were three different dreams from this week, my mind isn't that creative in one night)

And now here I am with a horrible headache and the fear that I'm getting sick, but very content. It's been a crazy week, but somehow everything works out in the end.

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