Wednesday, June 8, 2011

GA and Ellie

and it was hands down one of the best weeks ever.
Tess had no idea we were coming for her graduation and the surprise was perfect!
When we went to GA for Christmas, we both got super sick and couldn't enjoy any of the delicious food that the South had to offer....So this time, we stuffed ourselves!

This was by far the best seafood I have ever had!

Fancy caramel apples...

KFC at Stone Mtn....

and Southern BBQ in the mountains.

I reunited with my best friends

We stopped by Savannah, one of the most magical cities on earth.

And finally lounged on Hilton Head beach and swam in the ocean with dolphins galore!

Ed and I have gone into a deep depression now that we are back home and back at work, but that's just life I guess. Seriously though, my new life's goal is to make millions of dollars really fast so that I can travel around the world constantly and never have to work again.
Oh, that's your dream too? Thought so.
I cut my hair off! 9 inches to be exact and I love it. I'm also trying to get back in shape by doing RIPPED and Abs classes at BYU and oh my gosh, they are killer but so worth it.
I'm pretty much totally sick of working and that's all I will say about that.
But now for the best new of all.....My brother Ben and his wife Amy had their baby!
Her name is Ellie and she has won my heart. She is my very first real niece (other than my 23 nieces and nephews from Ed's side).

Ellie is such a little angel.


  1. I love your hair cut!! I cut mine too but am growing it back out- I can't pull it off as well as you do cute thing :)You look so gorgeous!

    So glad you had fun in Georgia!

  2. I have a baby niece named Ellie too :)
    Did you cut your hair? It looks cute! I'm still trying to get brave for straight bangs.